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Eidolonic Light

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This is the fandom journal of eowynjedi. Mostly I'll be using it to post iconic whatsits. Occasionally a fanfic will show up here as well.

I created this place because I'm tired of logging in and out of my icon journal. You can find that at eidolonic_icon, though I'm transferring most of what's there to here, including my 100 icon challenges.

Usage Policy

  1. For icons, commenting is nice because it boosts my ego, and crediting is polite because then other people can find their way here.
  2. DO NOT take fanfiction and post it as your own. (Why would you want to?)
  3. No abusive comments si vous plait. Concrit is fine. (I've had to turn in some of my stuff at ugly_icons, so suggestions for improvement are welcome. xD)
  4. If you would like to use a textless icon as a base, please ask.



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